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Costa Palmas Beach Club

Location: Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Program: Hospitality & Restaurant
Size: 31,000 SF
Status: Completed, 2019
Interiors: Jon Brent Design

Anchored by fantastic views and an array of amenities, this project provides an open-air living room for a growing, multi-generational community.

The Beach Club project emerged as the first phase of Costa Palmas, a 1,500-acre mixed-use community along Mexico’s East Cape. Its design aims to create an immersive hospitality experience that showcases the resort’s diverse natural ecosystem, incredible coastline and larger vision for community. Overtime, the Club has evolved into an active social hub for residents. Totaling nearly 31,000 sq ft, the program encompasses a variety of activities, including a versatile outdoor living room and gathering space, multi-faceted food and beverage program, fitness center, conference rooms, kids area and pool deck.

Our design approach centered on breaking down the perceived scale of the building and embedding the architecture into the surrounding environment. Drawing inspiration from the informality and intimacy of the beach shack, the building emerges as three teak-wood volumes, surrounded by seagrass and a fresh-water estuary. The project’s circulation aligns with the landscape itself, creating a dynamic procession through discreet architecture, outdoor living spaces and natural vegetation down into the heart of the coastal landscape.