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North Moore Loft

Location: New York, New York
Program: Residential
Size: 2,900 SF
Status: Completed, 2004

The design for the North Moore Loft was centered on the client’s intention to create a space which celebrated the character of the existing raw industrial loft space, but in a manner that balanced the loft aesthetic with a scale and materiality more consistent with conventional residential design. To this end, the concept for the design was to complete the construction of the existing loft to create an enhanced, idealized interpretation of the industrial “loft” and to then allow for the installation of an “object”, which through its placement and articulation would provide spatial definition and create the overall environment of the residence.

Programmatically, the “loft” contains the living room, dining room, office, and master bedroom. The construction in these areas was consistent with the existing aesthetic of the industrial loft. The floor is made of a lightweight concrete slab, poured on top of the existing structural slab. The perimeter concrete columns and ceilings were patched and painted and the three freestanding concrete columns were sand-blasted to expose the original board-formed concrete finish. All overhead lighting in the “loft” area is serviced by exposed electrical conduit mounted directly to the concrete ceiling. As a result, the “loft” is maintained as an unobstructed open space with uptown and downtown skyline views.