Micael Duran

Micael is a licensed architect who has practiced in Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas. He joined Guerin Glass Architects in New York as a Project Architect starting in 2022, with previous employers including Greg Lynn FORM, INABA, MADA s.p.a.m, Magdalena Keck Inc., and KBA.

Micael has led projects for new construction multi-family mixed-use projects up to 80,000 square feet in New York City, interior office buildouts up to 90,000 square feet across the US, and small-scale interior renovations around the world. He has served as a guest critic for studio reviews at Columbia University, the Pratt Institute, and the University of Southern California. Micael holds a Master of Architecture from Cornell University. The Cornell Architecture Department awarded him a thesis grant for his research and exploration of Hong Kong. As an undergraduate, he studied abroad in Mexico, France, and Italy. He also holds a Bachelor of Art in Sculpture and a minor in Computer Science from the University of Dallas.