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West 87th Street

Location: New York, NY
Program: Multifamily Residential
Size: 320,000 SF
Status: Under Construction

This apartment tower renovation uses an incremental approach to transform the building on the inside and out.

Situated on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, our renovation of W 87th Street makes strategic upgrades to the building’s façade, public areas and 280 individual units. Originally built in the 1970s, a main focus of our work was to replace the building’s punched window masonry façade with a glazed curtain wall accented by aluminum detailing. This extensive exterior upgrade not only improves daylighting to the interior spaces but also allows us to upgrade energy efficiency across the property.

Beyond the exterior, our scope included upgrading individual units with new kitchen and bathroom finishes. To accommodate existing tenants, we developed a flexible process to renovate units incrementally between leases. Our design approach standardized general details to enable the pre-purchasing of materials. We also created pre-prepared and pre-priced permitting documents for all units to expediently submit for permitting as apartments become available for renovation.