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Aspen Residence #01

Aspen Residence 
Location: Aspen, CO, USA      
Program: Private Residence      
Size: 10,000 SF      
Status: Under Construction
This project restores an historic Victorian built by one of the original claimholders to Aspen Mountain and adds area below grade and adjacent with a form that helps mitigate the transition from the downtown core to a more residential scale. While the historic structure is a highly articulated Victorian jewel, the new volume stands in contrast. It is intentionally quiet, and rendered in a darker color than the existing house so as to support the idea of primary and supporting elements. The white, semi-ornate detailing of the existing house will be fully restored and recreated. The historic shed has minimal detail, and its restoration will maintain this, expressing its supporting role. The new volume further reinforces this by keeping the detailing to a minimum, presenting itself as an extremely quiet volume to the side of and behind the more vibrant historic house.